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Dandelion Root Tea: A Natural Boost for Sexual Performance

The positive effects that dandelion root tea has on sexual stimulation and performance has been in use since the time of Mayan ancient civilizations. Although there are many herbs and foods out there that can increase the body’s libido, some work differently than others. In the case of dandelion root, not only does it work quite efficiently, it’s also popular because it’s been deemed safe to use with little to no reported negative effects.

Dandelion Tea and Sexual Dysfunctions

Many sexual disorders are commonly instigated by things such as stress, depression, and anxiety. Sometimes these problems have been an issue throughout a person’s life, while other times sexual disorders develop over time gradually. Sexual disorders can be a result of physical or psychological issues, and sometimes a combination of the two. These dysfunctions are generally split into four different categories: sexual arousal, sexual desire, orgasm, and sexual pain disorders.

When it comes to disorders regarding sexual desire, decreased libido is experienced. This disorder makes it difficult to feel any desire or need for sexual interaction. The underlying causes for this can be a result of aging, stress or other psychological issues, lack of sleep, or little production of estrogen in women and testosterone in both men and women. For some, these problems can lead to less enjoyment in their relationships which can lead to more stress and other upset in the affected person’s life.

Setbacks of Using Medications

There are a variety of ways that people approach treating problems for desire related sexual disorders. Therapy sessions for couples or hormone therapy sessions are an option that is often proposed, however these options can be very costly. For this reason a lot of people turn instead to medications that are made to treat these types of issues. However, usually these aren’t cost-efficient either, and many of them are not without adverse side effects such as nausea and increased blood pressure. In issues related to psychological problems that are hindering sexual desire, sometimes depression and anxiety pills are prescribed, but these drugs have even more negative side effects such as tremors, agitation, and even may end up decreasing sex drive rather than aiding it.

Benefits of Using Dandelion Root Tea

Rather than use costly methods such as therapy and unnecessary medications, it is more beneficial to turn to more natural methods of resolving issues related to low sex drive. Dandelion Root tea has proven itself to be one of the best herbal remedies to use for increasing sex drive because it’s natural, and more importantly, safe. Since dandelion root is also beneficial for treating anxiety, depression, and can uplift a person’s mood in general, it is useful for treating a lot of underlying issues that are often the cause of sexual dysfunctions like low sexual desire. Aside from these benefits, dandelion root also works as a stimulant, increasing stamina as well as desire.

How To Use Dandelion Root Tea to Increase Desire

When deciding to use this particular herb for increasing libido it is best to drink three cups a day, on a regular basis. Pairing a healthy diet and exercise with the use of dandelion root has shown to increase the ability and effects of the tea as well. For even better results it is best to drink it a half hour before sexual interactions so that the herb has time to fully affect the body. dandelion root tea is not recommended for women that are nursing or pregnant, people that are on medications, or suffering from diabetes. Remember that it is always recommended to consult a doctor first if feel you are experiencing any serious illness or disorder before using herbal remedies as a form of treatment.

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